Jennifer Malin provides an example of the cost-benefit of clinical pathways
Ken Schaecher, MD, Medical Director of SelectHealth, describes in his opinion how there is no payer coverage issues with patients with polycythemia vera at this time.
Ken Schaecher, MD, Medical Director of SelectHealth, discusses why the payer has to find the right tools that help patients with their care.
John Hennessy provides examples of payer-provider collaborations, lessons learned and continuued challeges
In this video Dr. Kolodziej discusses the major changes in payer/provider dialog and alternate payment moldes.
In this segment Dr. Kolodziej talks about the possibility of downside risk with payer/provider collaborations.
Pamela Morris discusses the challenges of pricing oncology treatments at the risk of reducing quality of care
Dr. Mullins dismisses the perception that quality and cost must always be at odds when it comes to cancer treatment. He points out that providing lifesaving treatments that provide a high quality of life do generally come at a higher cost. However, providing poor quality care often leads to wasteful spending because more is spent on fixing problems that are created by the low quality of care.
Jennifer Malin discusses the aspects of value and how they are realized in personalized medicine
Dr. Edward Garon talks about the best approaches for screening patients for lung cancer.
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